Buy Irish National Lottery Online

July 18, 2012 7 Comments

Buy Irish National Lottery Tickets Online

The Irish lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in Europe and offers a jackpot prize of at least ₤3,000,000, which often goes upto ₤7,000,000 or more. In 2007, this lottery surprised lotto lovers around the world by paying the highest jackpot of €16,185,749 for that year. Although it started off with scratch card games, the Irish National Lottery soon moved on to offer lottery draw games, tele bingo and even the mega Euro Millions lottery. To be a part of this rewarding lottery system, all you need to do is buy Irish National Lottery Tickets online for just €1.

Where to Buy Tickets Online?

Click here or the banner below to purchase lottery tickets for Irish lotteries in a safe online environment and easy-to-use lottery systems.

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Playing the Irish National Lotto

Irish lotto, which is the favorite pastime of many people in Ireland, is also popular in Europe and other countries around the world. Irish lotto is in many ways similar to other forms of lotto played around the world. To play this game, you should first buy the Irish lotto tickets from an authorised lottery agent. Otherwise, you can also buy the ticket online through a reliable lottery site.

Once you have the ticket, you need to pick up six numbers between 1 and 45 – either manually or through the automatic quick pick mode. You have to make at least two lines of six numbers each, for a price of €3. You can also draw a seventh number which is the bonus number.

In case the six numbers match the winning numbers, you can win a guaranteed pool of at least €2,000,000. If not, you can win smaller prizes by matching 4, 5 or at least 3 numbers right, with or without the bonus number.

More Irish National Lottery Games

If you are a resident of Ireland with an Irish Taxpayer’s id, you can play Irish National Lotto through its official website. In adition to that, you can also play other lottery games such as Lotto Plus, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1, EuroMillions, Monday Millions, All or Nothing, Millionaire Raffle, TV Bingo, Scratch Cards and many other exciting games offered on the Irish National Lottery Site.

How to Buy Irish National Lottery Tickets Online

Tickets for Irish Lotto and other lotteries are usually available at the retail lottery stores or with the authorised lottery agents. If you are a resident of Ireland, you can buy Irish national lottery tickets online through the official site. Otherwise, you can look for reliable online lottery services that help you buy tickets for various regional and international lotteries around the world.

Where to Buy Irish National Lottery Tickets Online

Although there are many sites where you can buy Irish lottery tickets online, you should consider trusted sites like and These two sites are not only reliable but also convenient as you can take part in a number of different lotteries online besides the Irish Lotto and Euro Millions. All you need to do is register with either of the sites, select a subscription, and choose the numbers for your Irish lotto tickets. Not just that, in case you win, you will also be notified about it automatically.

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